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Since the Declaration of the COVID-19 Pandemic emergency, the people in Australia have experienced a range of Government infringements and control measures that have been unheard of since World War II. The people we placed into positions of power have abandoned their duty of care and obligations as public servants to operate these emergency measures in a manner that has departed from a responsible democracy.

Consider some of the developments of the last two years:

· No Jab-No Job mandates · Societal exclusions and discrimination · Lockdowns and restrictions in movement · Collapse of small and family businesses · Militarisation of our Police against peaceful Australians · Denials of the value of scientific debate · Destruction of the sanctity of Doctor-Patient relationships · Unprecedented censorship and suppression of critical thinking · Complicity of mainstream media, peddling the narrative and instilling terror into our every waking moment ·

We believe that the time has come when Australia must now choose Freedom and Justice over Fear and Tyranny. And so, Justice For Australians was conceived. A coming together of like-minded individuals from all walks of life and all fields of industry: business owners, artists, healthcare providers, scientists, police/military, labourers, miners, teachers, lawyers, investigators, parents, grandparents, and students.

We share four fundamental goals:

1. Revoke the draconian legislative measures implemented during the Covid-19 pandemic,

2. Restore our right to: bodily autonomy, free and informed consent, and to work and socialise,

3. Hold the government and their delegates and agencies to account for their transgressions, and

4. Educate to implement measures that will ensure this never happens again.

We owe it to ourselves, our grandparents, and our children to ensure that every proposal, policy, mandate, direction, or law can be shown as a reasonable and effective course of action that can be proven to be right in principle and in practice.

With the help of the public working together on many different campaigns, we aim to seek and speak for justice and pursue it and, where possible, obtain restitution through either civil or criminal legal proceedings. By drawing upon our unique strengths and skills, we can create a new era of justice, which we hope can be relied upon and replicated to make many crooked paths straight.

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