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Finding Universal Data Love: What are you waiting for ?

It is time for Justice for all Australians. It is our gift to each other and together we will pay it forward to the world.

When you have the Knowledge you have the Power.

Welcome to the Justice for Australians Liberty Data Station.

Let's take a look around. In your new Global Data Community Information is the most visible expression of Super-Powers to enact change. Information is the new oil and force in the world which drives every concept, narrative, policy, and political decision which may be carried out.

As curious citizens we must hold up to the light for discussion and dialog and critical assessment every idea and policy and expression of the narratives which claim to be truth in our time.

Are you ready to step up and step forward into the land of milk and honey and curate data into Information which serves up Justice and Freedom for all on a plate? Do you want to join the Global Community who are individually and together examining many questions and issues in order that the Collective Conscience is more active ?

If your answer is AMEN TO THAT, please add DBeaver Community | Free Universal Database Tool to your computer or laptop device. Whether you are a Information Consumer or Producer there is an option for you. Windows, Apple or Linux are all there. Something for all - even for serious propeller heads. Hold your mouse over the picture . Click on the right or left arrows to see what a Database data tool can do. When you are ready hit the Download button and LIKE THIS STEP to say I DID THIS.

Please watch this space as we go forward together in a Journey of self-discovery. We all need to better understand the world and it's false prophets one byte at a time. We will help you get started - please don't hesitate to ask here or email for more information about the Liberty data station.

Hint: Click here to add the Community Edition of DBeaver to your device. To learn more :

Each of us may now ask ourselves - what are you waiting for ? 'I KNEW YOU WERE WAITING FOR ME' (ARETHA FRANKLIN & GEORGE MICHAEL) Cover by The HSCC - YouTube

About this poster - Stephen is a Digital Platforms Analyst providing solution architectures to enable Justice for Australians data platforms and social media conversation spaces. Justice for Australians provides services for Australians affected by Government policies. We seek to critically assess the evidence behind decisions and to ensure that truth and effectiveness are the basis and result. We stand for Justice for All Australians.

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