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Some experience pains of jabbination

Since it is now official - should any of us be condemned for sharing ?

Evidence Check -Chest pain or dyspnoea following COVID-19 vaccination (

Some experience and have to deal with vaccine-associated myocarditis and pericarditis.

More frequently in males after second dose.

A higher risk has been found with mRNA compared to the older vaccine technologies.

In order to understand fully the options we need a proper examination of the relative risks and benefits and follow the precautionary principle - if I do nothing will it make any difference in the end ? Alternatively if I comply with every encouragement and guideline ?

For those just catching up the system sends a message and then something genetic happens. The details are for the virologists to explain but we can sense the vibrations of the entry of new materials into the nucleus of the cell. And live in hope that what nature has kept separate across the blood/brain and other barriers does not indicate a deliberate evolutionary attempt to stand apart at a safe distance from here until eternity.

We live in an interesting time. What scientists have brought together none can split asunder. We must listen carefully and discover what is at work in the world of the grand experiment. As a guideline it may take 7-10 years for the safety of a new drug to be understood.

If all involved have any confidence in their work, they will stand and deliver on the outcomes of every trial participant. And systematically eliminate any potential for fraud.

It is no longer about health and safety and the needs of the marketing department any more.

We the people deserve to live without constraints in peaceful undisturbed tranquility.

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