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What price does society pay for a good education?

Updated: May 13, 2022

For many workers today in the Education sector the presentation of final marks to students is no longer a ticket and rite of progression to the next learning milestone. Policies of casualisation of the work force and excessive payments to leadership are hallmark signs of a system which is favourable to the few and pretty average failing fast for many. In recent years Australians have observed other nation states political actors running interference campaigns on campus. Tactics which are inimical to a learning environment which will suitably prepare Australians for their future jobs. We need a supply of Graduates who can examine any question from first principles, see the actors present with their ideas and influences, and lead us to better places with sound understandings of "Smart" Australians.

Justice for Australians believes in and promotes many human rights. On current trends this economy is about to break out with signs and experiences of inflation. In many fields ideologies of competition have been use to cruel effect - concerns about declines in real living standards and the lack of a security cushion for those without hard assets. Fears are rising of sustained stagflation and that the only rational choice for many will be to graduate and leave for the better brighter options elsewhere. Experience tells us they will return but if the experiences of education are so uncertain today, how certain can we be of their return and participation again ?

We do live in interesting times where your best customers are so aligned as to become pawns in the next electoral battle and subject to hopelessly confused targets of convenience. They and we should understand that to sue for peace is to settle for second best. Australia deserves economical, political, and educational settings which do not rely on the periodic targeting of scapegoat targets for theatrical effects. At times like this we should ask - does the enemy lie within and are we projecting models which deny our personal contributions to the realpolitik ?

We need to educate the future generations of workers so that they may identify and call out misinformation. Education staff deserve the security of a permanent job. And Australians now need a reformation of the systems and policies crafted in smoke filled rooms.

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