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Legal and Medical Volunteers

We are currently seeking volunteers with legal, medical, and science/clinical research backgrounds that are able to assist and support the Investigation Teams.

Investigative Volunteers

We are seeking individuals with investigation experience or skills that are able to research, explore, and where appropriate take official statements or affidavits to assist any potential legal proceedings.


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Field of interest

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We are currently seeking volunteers to conduct interviews to determine experience around receiving a Covid 19 vaccination

We are Justice For Australians. We exist to make lives better for Australians 




Justice for Australia needs your help.

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By Email

Donations can also be made via email.


By donating to Justice For Australians, you will become part of the movement that will hold the Government, media, and corporate machines accountable now and in the future for all Australians.  As described on our “About Us” page, over the last few years, Federal and State Governments have grossly failed in their duty to the citizens of our country.  


Over the past few years our Governments have allowed foreign elites to dictate our health policies and failed to continuously review the available evidence surrounding covid. They failed to admit that Covid19 was predominantly only dangerous to the elderly or those with severe co-morbidities. The vast majority of our healthy population agreed to be vaccinated in order to protect their vulnerable loved ones, only to realise that vaccination in this case, did not stop transmission. The final straw for the Australian people was the failure to recognise the many that were injured and who are currently still suffering from the devastating side effects of this novel vaccine with minimal research to back its safety and efficacy.


Governments such as Florida and Sweden etc., who, on reviewing what was occurring, reversed health orders and either immediately or gradually opened back up with no additional ill effects, while our Governments put their heads in the sand, refusing to admit they were wrong. They listened to the bureaucrats, ignored the front line medical professions and scientists and continued with their lockdowns ruining the economy, businesses, lives, relationships, communities and livelihoods.

Many lives were lost by ignoring then banning existing drugs that were traditionally recommended, used and successful at treating covid like illnesses. Doctors were forbidden to prescribe and use their best judgement in the medical care of Covid 19 patients.

Justice For Australians is currently funded by a few and manned by many passionate  volunteers who are working tirelessly for Australians.  We need to establish a permanent structure that can take this mission forward. We are seeking to establish a Fund of $1M that will resource the appointment of a CEO in the coming months to be backed by a small administration and a team of competent investigators. We will win this fight when we all come together.

By registering a Company, we will establish the required corporate governance to protect the donations and use of the funds. By operating in this manner, the organisation will not be the subject of conflicts of interest.

So please contribute large or small by following this link. Should you wish to establish permanent arrangements or contribute a significant amount and want to discuss and review the operation, current Board and personnel, please provide your contact details to


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